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Last spring, six members of the first class of the SU School of Nursing met for an informal mini-reunion, sharing lunch and memories, at Phoebe’s restaurant. Pictured (left to right) are Faith Fuller Morin ’46, Marilyn Nusbaum Ribyat ’46, ’47, G’63, Ruth Roberts Slovenski ’47, ’48, Mary Maroney Fox ’46, ’49, Aggie Burns Barry ’47, and Ginny Graf Rand ’46, ’50. Some of them appear in uniform on the steps of Memorial Hospital on Dedication Day in 1944 (photo below). “Many of us went on to get a bachelor’s degree from SU,” Slovenski writes. “We are scattered all over the U.S. and have worked and volunteered in many health fields. I thought it was quite remarkable we were able to meet with each other after 65 years.”