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Team Building


One cannot help but marvel at how the Orange men’s basketball team kept winning one game after another this season—compiling an amazing 34-3 record, the best in program history, on its way to finishing in the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament. Coach Jim Boeheim ’66, G’73 now has the third most wins of any coach in the history of collegiate basketball and the most at one university. Obviously, much of the credit for this winning season and overcoming adversity was due to the talent and depth of the team he and his staff assembled.  

As with any sport, an important part of the recipe for success is team building. Usually, one or two stars alone can’t carry a team all the way to a national title. I feel the same way about the talent and depth, not to mention winning culture, of the team of alumni leaders who comprise the SU Alumni Association Board of Directors, of which I am so proud to be president. The 23-member board is a diverse group that reflects the multicultural make-up of our alumni population—representing a range of alumni from the classes of 1964 to 2010 who hail from 10 different states (as well as Puerto Rico) and eight schools and colleges. In addition, the board includes students, trustee liaisons, and staff members. 

Although we are all different, we are a dedicated group of alumni who share a passion for and commitment to all things Orange. We serve as ambassadors to and for SU, support it financially, and encourage others to do so. We work with SU to facilitate ongoing access to knowledge, services, and opportunities, recruit candidates for admission, and connect with students and young alumni in meaningful ways that promote a lifelong commitment to SU.

There are also many others around the country and the world who have built winning alumni teams, namely, the 57 regional, specialty, and international clubs or contacts who represent various constituencies of SU alumni. These clubs organize events, host new student sendoffs, engage in public service, and raise money for student scholarships

Just like the men’s basketball team and the other SU sports teams that strive to field the best, the national alumni board and the various alumni clubs represent the best SU has to offer—a group of loyal and devoted alumni committed to ensuring that SU continues its winning streak and will always be viewed as a champion. 

Brian Spector ’78

President, Syracuse University Alumni Association