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Following is a sampling of recently published books written or illustrated by SU alumni:


Best Staged PlansBest Staged Plans

By Claire Cook ’77

256 pp. Hyperion. $23.99

Cook, a best-selling author, takes readers into the world of Sandy, who attempts to clean up and simplify her life by moving to Atlanta. But her fresh start there may prove to be more complicated than the life Sandy left behind.


Beyond the Looking GlassBeyond the Looking Glass

By Susan Mandel Glazer ’60

160 pp. Christopher-Gordon Publishers. $36.95

Beyond the Looking Glass helps teachers self-evaluate themselves and encourages them, through the use of workshop guides, to examine how their actions, attitudes, and remarks affect students. The book includes scenarios a teacher may face in the classroom, as well as possible solutions. Beyond the Looking Glass encourages teachers to look at each student as an individual.

darkest missionThe Darkest Mission

By Rick Burton ’79

308 pp. Long Reef Press. $19.95

The Darkest Mission is an action-packed WWII/Cold War spy thriller set in 1994. The story spans across countries and continents as Boston detective Ron Corcoran finds himself in the middle of a CIA nightmare that threatens American intelligence, due to a Russian double agent.

Day Trips from New York City

By Shandana A. Durrrani ’92

224 pp. Globe Pequot Press. $14.95

This book helps readers plan day trips from New York City to destinations elsewhere in New York, as well as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut. There is a trip for everyone included in this guide, and it provides a wide range of activities for every kind of traveler. Whether you just need a break from your daily activities, or are looking for an adventure, this guide will help you plan your day.


By Lois Mathieu ’70

226 pp. SterlingHouse Publishers. $15.95

Debut tells the tale of a woman who gives her child up for adoption, and the natural challenges and remorse that come with it. The story follows both mother and daughter through time, and how they both deal with their separation from each other.

The Gluten-Free Edge: Get Skinny the Gluten-Free Way

By Gini Warner ’85 and Ross Harris

256 pp. Adams Media Corp. $18.95

The secret to losing weight could be as simple as a gluten-free diet. This book features 200 gluten-free recipes and a seven-day meal plan to help you lose weight.

Good Night

Matilda & Maxwell’s Good Night

By Robert Pressman G’67, G’70, Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman ’69, and Rebecca Jackson

173 pp. Good Parent Inc. Publishers. $16.95

Good Night and its companion children’s book, Matilda & Maxwell’s Good Night, focus on the issues many parents face while raising children. These books are written from the three authors’ voices (including that of Jackson, who is the Pressmans’ daughter) and provide parents with a fresh look on dealing with the basic challenges, such as bedtime.

Hinduism as a Missionary Religion

By Arvind Sharma G’70

203 pp. State University of New York Press. $70

One Religion Too Many: The Religiously Comparative Reflections of a Comparatively Religious Hindu

By Arvind Sharma G’70

174 pp. State University of New York Press. $65

In One Religion Too Many, Sharma, Birks Professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University, examines the world’s religious traditions from his Hindu perspective. In Hinduism as a Missionary Religion, he explores the idea of Hinduism as a missionary religion, as opposed to that of a proselytizing religion.

Horizontal Federalism: Interstate Relations

By Joseph F. Zimmerman G’51, G’54

304 pp. The State University of New York Press. $85.00

Zimmerman, a political science professor at Rockefeller College of the University at Albany, analyzes interstate relations and offers recommendations to improve the economic and political union. The book also highlights many important, yet ignored, interstate issues, with the goal of stimulating scholarly research on them.


InsideOut CoachingInSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives

By Joe Ehrmann ’73

272 pp. Simon and Schuster. $24

Ehrmann, a nationally recognized inspirational speaker and former NFL star, talks about the importance of coaching at all levels of athletics from Little League to professional sports, including the idea of “transformational” coaching. The book covers the importance of integrating values and education into sports. 


Making the World BetterMaking the World Work Better: The Ideas that Shaped a Century and a Company 

By Kevin Maney, Steve Hamm, and Jeffrey M. O’Brien ’91

350 pp. IBM Press. $29.99

Commissioned by IBM in celebration of its 100th anniversary, the book shares the corporation’s story on how it evolved as a company and its impact on technology, exploring how ideas have the power to shape the future.


The Man Who Changed His Skin: The Life and Work of John Howard Griffin

By Thomas C. Fensch G’77

258 pp. New Century Books. $30

Fensch tells the life story of John Howard Griffin, the man who turned his skin black and traveled in the American South from 1959-1960, and wrote the book Black Like Me, which became an instant classic. Fensch extensively quotes Griffin’s diaries and journals in this biography.


The Meaning of RiversThe Meaning of Rivers: Flow and Reflection in American Literature

Edited by T.S. McMillin G’92

240 pp. University of Iowa Press. $34.95

In The Meaning of Rivers, McMillin, an English professor at Oberlin College, demonstrates the importance of rivers and how they are more than just bodies of water, connecting us on many fronts. He examines the different ways in which American writers use rivers in their literature, and, in turn, how rivers have shaped their writings.


Maine's MuseumsMaine’s Museums: Art, Oddities & Artifacts

By Janet Mendelsohn ’71

236 pp. The Countryman Press. $18.95

Maine has it all when it comes to odd collections of fine art—and Mendelsohn shares her firsthand look in Maine’s Museums: Art, Oddities & Artifacts. No matter your interests—antique cars, ship building, or sardine canning—Maine may have a museum that appeals to you. The book also provides a quick guide to useful information about each museum, including prices and hours of operation.


Ohio Wine Country ExcursionsOhio Wine Country Excursions

By Patricia Latimer ’69

263 pp. University of Akron Press. $25

In Ohio Wine Country Excursions, you can learn about the history of Ohio’s wine industry and explore its vineyards, with Latimer guiding readers through 80 of the state’s wineries.


Prayer and ParablePrayer and Parable

By Paul Maliszewski G’96

229 pp. Fence Books. $15.95

In his debut short story collection, Maliszewski helps readers understand the most basic human emotions as characters battle to do the right thing and occasionally experience kindness.


Rooftop GardensRooftop Gardens: The Terraces, Conservatories, and Balconies of New York

By Denise LeFrak Calicchio ’63 and Roberta Model Amon

191 pp. Rizzoli Publications. $45

Rooftop Gardens gives readers an inside peek at some of the most prestigious rooftop gardens in New York City. The images range from gorgeous flowered-filled gardens to plots where artworks are the centerpieces.


Saving Higher Education: The Integrated, Competency-Based Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program

By Robert Seidman G’71 G’80

208 pp. Wiley John & Sons. $40

The cost of a four-year education at any college or university can financially strain many families and pressure institutions to create programs that reduce costs and lessen the time it take to earn a degree. Saving Higher Education demonstrates how institutions of any size can implement a three-year bachelor’s degree program. The idea is based on Southern New Hampshire University’s program that successfully cut student costs.  


Saying GoodbyeSaying Goodbye: How Families Can Find Renewal Through Loss

By Barbara Okun and Joseph Nowinski G’73

336 pp. Penguin Group. $26.95

With the development of new medicine in a new era of medical diagnosis, dying may not be a quick and simple process. Nowinski, a prominent psychologist, helps readers learn about the process of dying and shares how to cope and find peace within the sadness of death.


SnowmastodonSnowmastodon! Snow Day Adventure

By Amiee White Beazley ’95

Illustrated by Paul Antonson ’95

32 pp. People’s Press. $18.95

Journalist Beazley and illustrator Antonson teamed up to produce this fun-loving children’s story, which was inspired by the true events of an Ice Age excavation in Colorado. Follow the young mastodon and his prehistoric friends, Beaver, Salamander, and Bison, as they go on a winter adventure that proves both educational and entertaining.


Storybook CottagesStorybook Cottages: America's Carpenter Gothic Style

By Gladys Montgomery ’72

224 pp. Rizzoli Publications. $45

This book takes you inside some of the most beautiful cottages in the United States, from the gothic-style cottages in New York to one in Maine with wedding-inspired trim. Storybook Cottages also includes a historical look at these homes and examines the design of both the extravagant and the quaint.


White WaterWhite Water

By Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein

Illustrated by Shadra Strickland ’99

40 pp. Candlewick Press. $16.99

This children’s book reinforces the idea that children can be successful in any path they choose in life, no matter what anyone says. Strickland’s illustrations bring the story to life through the use of bright colors and scenes that will draw both children and adults into the story.


Land on Your FeetYou’ll Land on Your Feet: How Anyone Can Survive and Thrive After Job Loss 

By André W. Renna ’75

132 pp. AuthorHouse. $24.95

You’ll Land on Your Feet offers a simple guide on how to succeed after a job loss. The book, based on Renna’s personal experience, is upbeat and includes firsthand advice, including the dos and don’ts of finding a new job.


Your Brother in Arms: A Union Soldier’s Odyssey

By Robert C. Plumb ’69

336 pp. Missouri Press. $34.95

Your Brother in Arms allows readers to experience the Civil War from a soldier’s perspective. Through documents left behind by Union soldier George P. McClelland, Plumb pieces together an eye-opening look at the war.

Compiled by Natalie Maneval