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SU's Alpha Phi Alpha chapter celebrates 100 years of leadership, community engagement, and mutual support

Crowning Achievements


Students in the Renée Crown University Honors Program put learning into practice as they push the boundaries of undergraduate education in Capstone Projects.

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Return to Leipzig


After escaping Nazi Germany as a young boy, a longtime  SU faculty member revisits his childhood and appears in a television show about his family.

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Weaving Threads of Hope


SU's Students in Free Enterprise partner with Guatemalan women to build a business they hope will transform lives in a rural community.

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SU and a Civil War Masterpiece


As an SU student, Stephen Crane was more focused on baseball than studying, but his time in Syracuse may have been more influential to the writing of The Red Badge of Courage than previously thought.

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Alumni Reflections


Artist Michelle Morse '70 credits two of her art professors for helping her discover her personal style. Hear her talk about her time at SU and the influence the two professors had on her.

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Past Reflections



Topic: High-speed passenger rail corridors would provide Americans a clean, fuel efficient, affordable transportation alternative  VS. Americans can't afford to throw good money after bad by investing tax dollars in an obsolete form of transportation.

Let us—and Orange alumni around the world—know your thoughts on the topic in 300 words. 

We'll post our favorite responses from all sides of the issue on the Syracuse University Magazine web site. 

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