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SU leads a precedent-setting partnership that positions Syracuse schoolchildren for academic achievement and serves as a national model for urban education reform. Read more

Team Builder


Whether revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, running pro sports franchises, or helping lead his alma mater through a worldwide recession, Board of Trustees chair John H. Chapple ’75 proves that passion, innovation, and collaboration matter.  Read more

50 Years in Florence


Since 1959, thousands of students have journeyed to the University’s study-abroad center in Florence, where they immerse themselves in Italian culture and share the experiences of a lifetime. Read more

Equal Rights Visionary


In recognition of her pioneering support for gender equality, Karen DeCrow L’72 is inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Read more

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Topic: I'm Overwhelmed by Instant Communication vs. I'm Lovin' the Tweet Life

Let us—and Orange alumni around the world—know your thoughts on the topic in 300 words. 

We'll post our favorite responses from all sides of the issue here on the web site. 

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People give to Syracuse University for many reasons. But regardless of the reason, at the heart of each gift is the desire to make a difference—to provide the SU community with the means to change lives, communities, and the world for the better.

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